I am currently in my junior year at Syracuse University in the School of Information Management and Technology. I am concentrating in project management and the design and development of internet services. I also have a minor in global enterprise technologies and another concentration in networking. This summer, I plan on working for West Pharmaceutical as an information technology intern based out of Philadelphia.

This past summer I worked with a company called Made Easy to evaluate the opportunity to invest in the company on a long-term basis. I was involved in procuring new business as well as working in a small crew to complete projects. I gathered sufficient information to analyze the profitability of a long-term investment in the company and I am considering possible alternatives. Since my employment, the company’s job completion efficiency increased by 25%.

My first two years at Syracuse were very challenging and fulfilling. Last year I worked as a teaching assistant in my Introduction to Networking course. This experience was educational and self-affirming. I learned that I have the knowledge and ability to positively impact others and guide them through their own learning experiences. This experience also honed my skills in translating complex technical issues into more easily understandable terms. I demonstrated my leadership through the development of lab documents and administering them to entire classrooms of students.

This summer, I am going to be working for West in a troubleshooting and client service oriented role. I am excited for the opportunity to experience some hands-on work in the corporate technology world. Currently, I am broadening my horizons and looking for more work in fields I have been studying recently. I will be working on a webpage for a private law firm and designing certain pages on their site and am always looking for more opportunities.